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Top Five Benefits of On-Prem/Remote Hybrid Editing with RPL — Benefit Three: Borderless Talent Pool

August 17, 2021
Top Five Benefits of On-Prem/Remote Hybrid Editing with RPL — Benefit Three: Borderless Talent Pool

Reimagine your editing workflow with Remote Picture Labs.

The Delta variant has COVID-19 cases on the rise again, and returning to a crowded workplace puts employees at unnecessary risk. Remote Picture Labs' hybrid on-prem/remote editing solution reduces the need to be in a group setting while providing benefits you won’t find with traditional post-production workflows — or from other cloud editing vendors.

Here’s the third of the TOP FIVE reasons you should contact us to discuss our hybrid on-prem/remote editing editing solution for your project.

A Talent Pool without Borders

Perhaps you're building your editorial team and a preferred editor has moved out of state. Or your show is being produced in a rural location but you want to edit in LA or New York. Previously, either one of those situations might have been a show-stopper. Not any more. RPL's hybrid on-prem/remote editing workflow changes things by removing geography as a determining factor when building your team.

How it Works

Our virtual workstations feel and perform like traditional edit suites but can be set up anywhere. In an editor's home. In a studio. In an office. Wherever your team needs to be, we can be there too – an extraordinary level of flexibility that lets your team work from virtually any location.

By eliminating the need to have your editors and producers in one spot, you gain the ability to hire talent based on their experience and skills, not where they live. That means you're not tied to the traditional West and East Coast talent pools, so your editors can work from wherever they're most comfortable (and productive!) and producers can login for viewings from their home, or the office.

RPL offers a win-win solution for your entire team! Call us today at
818-688-7540 to see how we can benefit your next project.


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