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Five Benefits of a Hybrid Editing Workflow with RPL

Reimagine Your Editing Workflow

Remote Picture Labs’ hybrid on-prem/remote editing solution provides benefits you won’t find with traditional post-production workflows — or from other cloud editing vendors. Here are the TOP FIVE reasons you should contact us to discuss our hybrid on-prem/remote editing solution for your network television or feature film project.

BENEFIT ONE: IP-Centric Support

With decades of experience in digital post-production workflows, our IP-centric Service and Support expertise is unmatched. We manage all of the technical details so that your editorial team can focus on what it does best: tell stories. Our Support services include:

  • Fast Response Times
    Providing contactless support and no tech commute times, we can begin troubleshooting and repairing any issues that might arise immediately, right from our data center.
  • 24/7 Phone Support
    Our knowledgeable technicians are available every hour of every day to address your trickiest questions and quickly escalate issues when necessary.
  • Network Diagnostics
    We’ll monitor your ISP connection all the way from the data center to your workstation. We’ll even move you seamlessly to a secondary provider to avoid down-time, if needed.
  • KPI Monitoring
    Our internal tracking systems monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) so that we can identify and address issues before they pose a threat to your project.
  • System Snapshots
    We’ll return your system effortlessly to a previous state, if necessary. With virtualization, we can even move workstations to a new cluster in an instant should the need arise.

BENEFIT TWO: High Performance

No editing workflow is faster or more robust than one powered by RPL. Our network delivers high-speed throughput of 4K UHD video with the same picture, audio and performance quality you expect in an on-prem edit bay. Latency is nearly nonexistent, and lossless HEVC compression provides the smoothest possible playout. Key features include:

  • Fault-Tolerant Data Center
    Most post companies build their data center in a spare room down the hall. Ours is in a dedicated facility with redundant power, cooling and connectivity, providing extreme fault tolerance.
  • Private Cloud
    Cloud computing doesn’t mean you should compromise on the capabilities of your preferred software. Our private cloud assures that you don’t have to share resources or bandwidth with other companies, delivering all the performance and security your team requires. The hassle of managing an in-house data pipeline is also eliminated.
  • 10 Gb Connectivity
    Slow broadband speed is a killer when it comes to meeting tight deadlines. That’s why we offer ultra-fast 10-GB connectivity, which lets you download a feature-length 4K movie in less than 30 seconds. No other remote editing provider comes close to matching that kind of speed.
  • PCoIP Technology
    We employ Teradici Cloud Access Software and PCoIP technology to compress, encrypt and transmit all data to stateless zero clients. Pixels, not media, are downloaded to each workstation, resulting in blazingly fast, secure access to your assets.

BENEFIT THREE: A Talent Pool without Borders

Perhaps you’re building your editorial team and a preferred editor has moved out of state. Or your show is being produced in a rural location but you want to edit in LA or New York. Previously, either one of these situations might have been a show-stopper. Not any more. Our hybrid workflow changes things by removing geography as a determining factor when building your team.

How It Works
Our virtual workstations feel and perform like traditional edit suites but can be set up anywhere. In an editor’s home. In a studio. In an office. Wherever your team needs to be, we can be there too — an extraordinary level of flexibility that lets your team work from virtually any location.

By eliminating the need to have your editors and producers in one spot, you gain the ability to hire talent based on their experience and skills, not where they live. That means you’re not tied to the traditional West and East Coast talent pools, and producers can login for viewings from their home or the office.

BENEFIT FOUR: Unmatched Reliability & Security

With RPL on your side there’s no need to lose sleep over concerns about system reliability and content security. Our solution eliminates the worry with redundant systems and the industry’s most secure remote desktop technology. Our dedicated data center, unmatched experience and partnerships with technology leaders help to assure system availability and the safekeeping of your show.

System Reliability
Remote RPL workstations perform backups transparently so that they don’t interrupt your workflow. Snapshots of your entire system are regularly taken in the background, making it easy to return to a previous state, if necessary — something that’s much more difficult on a local system.

We’ll also monitor the connection from the data center to your editors’ locations, routing your system down an optimal path to mitigate network interruptions. We’ll even move you seamlessly to a secondary provider to avoid downtime, if needed.

Content Security
Teradici’s PCoIP protocol is safeguarded by AES-256 encryption and adapts dynamically to network conditions in real time, providing the highest possible level of content protection, while multi-factor authentication guards against network intrusion.

BENEFIT FIVE: Save Money, Increase Efficiency & Productivity

Post-production costs are significant on every film and television series. A remote editing workflow from RPL can lower those expenses when compared to traditional, on- premises editing. Not only that, it does so while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and productivity of your editing team. Here’s how:

  • Lower Operational Costs
    Our hybrid solution removes the need to rent editing facilities, as well as reduces — or even eliminates — expenditures on powering and cooling on-prem servers.
  • Fixed Pricing
    Because we operate on our own private cloud, we can offer set pricing for editing systems and storage, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying before cutting your first frame.
  • Improved Collaboration
    Our solution allows your VFX editors to share media and access the current timeline, providing an unmatched level of collaboration with your editorial team.
  • Virtual Dailies
    We’ll coordinate the seamless transfer of your dailies and supply you with a Virtual Dailies Download Machine at no charge. By ingesting content from the set directly to post, you can cut days and weeks off the post-production schedule.
  • Reduced Commute Times
    Our hybrid solution lets your team work from virtually anywhere, which means sitting in traffic no longer has to cut into your editors’ workday.
  • Increased Flexibility
    Producers can easily login for viewings or fixes from the home or office, a level of flexibility that can deliver significant time savings.
  • Affordable Innovation
    As we optimize our network, we continue to add cutting-edge capabilities without increasing costs.

Download "Five Benefits of a Hybrid Editing Workflow with RPL" as a PDF.

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