Remote Picture Labs


What defines a seat?

A seat consists of a high performance virtual Avid Media Composer Workstation with all Avid licensing included.

Can we have multiple users access each seat?

You can have more users than seats, as users should be unique to each individual, but only one user can be logged into a seat at a time.

Are any additional software licenses included in addition to Avid Media Composer?

Each high performance virtual workstation is equipped with Adobe Creative Cloud. Use your Adobe CC credentials to login and the software will be active.

What if my project has existing media?

Our team will provide white glove assistance in migrating all of your existing media and project files into the Remote Picture Labs environment. Your team will pick up working and collaborating right where they left off!

Can I set up the Zero Client Hardware myself? What about the Client Software option?

A Zero Client package is available for pickup from our offices or shipped to you. Remote Picture Labs provides simple and detailed instructions to connect the Zero Client Hardware. On-site equipment delivery and set up is available upon request. Many clients are choosing the PCoIP client software, which is simply a download and installation on your existing home computer.

Why do you recommend Zero Client Hardware instead of Client Software?

The Zero Client hardware is a high performance, dependable, and ultra secure hardware device that delivers the ultimate user experience.

How do you handle plug-in licenses for Sapphire or Boris Complete Continuum?

A Sapphire and Boris BCC Effects bundle is an optional monthly add-on.

What are the minimum Internet requirements an editor needs to work from home?

We recommend 50Mbps download and 5Mbps upload per edit station for an optimal connection. Additionally, for the best experience, the Zero Client Hardware or computer running the PCoIP Client Software should be wired directly to the network and not connected wirelessly.

How does the Mac-based Avid Media Composer differ from the high performance virtual Windows Avid Media Composer Workstation?

Aside from some basic differences in the OS, the user experience inside Avid Media Composer is nearly identical.

What type of support does Remote Picture Labs offer?

Remote Picture Labs provides 24/7 expert technical support. Available by phone or email, our team knows how to keep your project moving forward.

How is my Remote Picture Labs edit session secured?

Remote Picture Labs uses PCoIP secured by AES-256 encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication to access the environment.

How does the speed of your virtual edit workstation compare to a local computer?

Our high performance virtual machines are loaded with power and typically outperform a traditional editing workstation.

How does the Remote Picture Labs cost compare to traditional editorial solutions?

Remote Picture Labs’ virtual post-production environment helps productions achieve budgetary efficiencies such as eliminating the need for rental offices and the associated overhead.

How do I get my dailies to Remote Picture Labs?

Remote Picture labs can send & receive content from any worldwide secure source. Our virtualized Internet Upload/Download system allows dailies vendors to transfer media utilizing the familiar tools to which editorial teams are accustomed.

Can producers view offline cuts?

Offline cuts can be exported directly from the high performance virtual machines and uploaded straight to the review and approval services you already use and trust.

How can directors or producers work in realtime with the editor?

Many Remote Picture Labs clients are currently utilizing ever/cast for remote viewing and realtime spotting sessions.

Does Remote Picture Labs offer enterprise solutions for my facility, network, studio, or production company?

Yes! Remote Picture Labs can customize a solution for your organization’s requirements and deploy custom implementations to integrate with your existing production and post-production resources.

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