Remote Picture Labs

Editing Mare of Easttown: Emmy-Nominated Amy Duddleston

August 27, 2021

This August 27, 2021 article on Randi Altman's PostPerspective website mentions Remote Picture Labs.

Can you describe your remote workflow?
J/Kam switched us over to a remote Avid Media Composer system, Remote Picture Lab or RPL. They had all our footage on a remote server that we logged into on a desktop — a Windows version of Avid — which was interesting, but it was virtually still the same. It was tremendous because watching someone open a bin across town was mind-blowing. So on a typical day, the dailies came in, Génesis processed and binned them, I jumped in to edit the scene and then handed it off for the sound work. When I worked with Craig and the producers, we used Evercast. Craig and I only worked together once in person then all remotely. It’s still mind-boggling to me how we got the show made that way, but we did.

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